Privacy policy

Manos del Sol is an e-commerce and marketplace, whose corporate purpose is the purchase, sale and distribution, retail, of handicraft products. The business name is Tiendas Virtuales Manos del Sol S.A.S. and the tax address is 19 Street 41 No. exterior 214, between 18 y 26 diag, fraccionamiento Brisas, C.P. 97144, en la ciudad de Mérida, Yucatán, México. Federal taxpayer registry TVM190510GM7.

In Manos del Sol, we give absolute importance to the privacy of your data. We are fanatics of transparency and have the commitment to be truthful with the practices to use your personal information. We are fully aware that you also care about your privacy, so we offer options that allow you to control Manos del Sol how uses certain information.


Here are some points about how we will use your information, explaining point by point, the practices we carry out.


We refer to the site, the responsive modality of the page, at Mano del Sol payments and the rest of the services as a whole as the "services". If you live outside of North America or South America, the data controller and responsible for your information is Manos del Sol Mexico.


This policy does not apply to third-party practices (including other members who sell using the services or site users) that may also collect or receive data related to your use of the services.


1. Accept the privacy policy.

2. Types of information collected.

3. Control and editing of personal data.

4. Communication with Manos del Sol.

5. Network of producers and community of users.

6. Uses of information.

7. Transfers.

8. Safety.

9. Preservation.

10. User rights.

11. User responsibilities.

12. Cancellation of consent.

13. Changes in the privacy policy.

14. Contact.

15. Last update date.


1. Accept the privacy policy.


To perform our operations and provide services, we require processing your personal data. By accepting our terms of use, you confirm that you have fully read and understand our policy, including how and why we use your information. If you do not want us to reapply or process your personal information in the ways we describe in this policy, you should not use our services. Of the members of the marketplace, hosted websites, third party websites or applications thereof, we are not responsible for their content, privacy policies and terms of use.


Under the conditions of the use of Manos del Sol, we demand that all the owners of the accounts be at least 18 years old. If children under the age of 13 and 18 want to use Manos del Sol services, they can do so with the supervision and authorization of the account owner. It is strictly forbidden for children under the age of 13 to use our services. Everyone is responsible for their user account.


At the time of using Manos del Sol, you authorize us to use your information in Mexico, the United States and any other country where Mano del Sol operate. We emphasize that the conditions and rights of the use of personal information by the authorities, in each country may be different from that applied in your place of residence.


Manos del Sol can transfer your personal information in countries that, by law, allow it to be done and we will take the necessary precautions so that your data is still kept in strict protection and confidentiality.

2.  Types of information collected.


The way we collect your information, can be in different ways, to be able to offer you the services. On many occasions, you are the one who chooses the information you want to register and sometimes we will ask you specific data so that you can use our platform and its services.


Registration, account settings and use of services: to start using the services, you need to proportion a valid email address and a user name, with which you can and can identify you and thus can represent your identity in Manos del Sol.


You will be able to review, modify or delete this information later in the account settings. Depending on the services you want to use, we may need additional information to provide a particular service, whether your physical address, phone number, zip code and even, in case you are a producer, your store information Physical, billing and payment data (including contact for billing, billing address, phone number and credit/debit card data).


It is not an obligation to provide all these data, however, are necessary for you to use certain services of our marketplace, for example, if you buy any product, we will need the data from your physical address to send you the items, As well as the data of the payment method you will make.


Similarly, if you are a producer, you want to use the services of Manos del Sol platform, we will need your full name, your company's corporate name, your Social Security number, the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC) of the Mexican entity.or tax ID number, date of birth, Information of the bank account, to which the deposits will be making the clients that acquire your products, whose data we can store or adapt to store it for use for both payment and billing purposes. Depending on your local jurisdiction, you can also allow us to save your credit or debit card information to facilitate and expedite your future purchases.


Manos del Sol will be able to communicate with the owners of individual stores confidentially to request more information about their stores and/or the products advertised on our platform, to keep track of compliance with our standards and applicable legislation. In order to use the sun's hand services, we will request that you refill an application whose information is strictly confidential and exclusively for  Manos del Sol use, unless otherwise specified.


Profile: You can provide and display publicly, your full name and other personal information (such as birthdays, sex and your location) linked to your account and activity. You can edit or delete this information from the account settings.


The name associated with your account, which you will be able to revise and modify in the configuration, is public and is connected with your activity in the hands of the sun. Other people will be able to see the following information of your profile: date of registration to our platform, the valuations, reviews, photographs related to the products that you have bought or sold, your profile information, the articles that you have put on sale , the pages and policies of your store, your favorites, followers and members you follow, the number of items sold, the ads for exhausted products, the comments you post in the community spaces and all the information you want to share in Social networks.


Automated information: Manos del Sol receive and record the information of your browser or mobile devices automatically, once you enter our site or use other specific services, such as the IP address or device identifier Unique, cookies and data from the pages you visit to allow us to operate and provide services. This information collects automatically and we can combine this information from your browser or mobile device with the data that we or other partners collect on you, including several devices. This information is used to prevent fraud and security of services, analyze and understand how services work for members and visitors and provide advertising (including each of your devices) and a more personalized experience for members and visitors.


The information collected from the devices may also be the hardware model, the operating system, the application version, the application usage and debugging information, the browser information, the IP address and the identifiers of the Device.


Location information: We will be able to collect the information about the use that makes the services of the platform, for publicity purposes, analysis, to facilitate the content and to protect the services. This may include IP address, browser information (including reference sources), device information (such as the IDFA and IDFV for non-advertising limited purposes, the Android AAID, and, when activated, the information of location that provides your device). When you use the applications of Manos del Sol platform, you will be able to choose if you want to share your geolocation information with Manos del Sol, although you do not need to share it. You can decide if you want to publish your location, when you sell in the hands of the sun.


Similarly, you will be able to get the location information that you proportioned in your profile or your IP address. With your authorization, we will also determine the location using other information on your device, such as the precise GPS location information, or information about wireless networks or communication towers near your mobile device. We will be able to use and store information for the purpose of offering certain platform functions, improving and customizing services, for internal Manos del Sol analysis, monitoring of the performance of our site, location, requirements Regional, services policies, local content, search results, recommendations, for shipping services, maps and marketing. If you do not wish to continue sharing such information with us, you will be able to revoke your consent to share that information with the application or mobile device settings. Certain location services are not accurate, such as security policies and locating them according to your IP address or sent address, are vital for the site to work. We will only share your geolocation data with third parties (such as our map providers, payments, or as far as applicable, advertising) to provide you with services.


Analysis information: We use data analysis to guarantee the entire functionality of the site so we can improve the services. We use mobile analysis software to understand the functionality of applications on your phone. This software can record information such as how often you use Manos del Sol platform services, which occur with them, performance data, aggregate use, site errors, and debugging information. We do not relate any information that we store in the scanning software to any personally identifiable information you submit on our platform.


Third party information: some members or visitors may decide to connect to the hands of the sun using a third-party application, such as Facebook, or an application developed using Manos del Sol API. Manos del Sol can receive information from those third-party connected applications. Connecting with Manos del Sol through third-party applications is optional. We can also collect public information to connect with you. We use that information as part of our efforts to provide you with the best of our services. You can decide to share some activity in the hands of the sun, through the social networks that are connected to your account of the sun, and you will be able to revoke the permission at any time in the account settings.


Non-member user information: Manos del Sol may obtain information (for example, an email address or IP address) about a person who is not yet a registered member of Manos del Sol (a "non-member") in connection with certain functions of Our platform, such as a subscription to Manos del Sol newsletter, a member invites a non-member to visit the site, participate in a transaction, a member sends a gift card code to a non-member, or a non-member pays as a guest when he makes a purchase me One of our services. Non-member information is used exclusively for the purposes described when it was sent to Manos del Sol or to facilitate the action authorized by the non-member.


3. Personal data control and editing.


Manos del Sol knows that all members of our community, want to have control over their own information and for that reason, hands of the sun gives you the option to add, edit or delete certain information, as well as choose how you want to communicate with you . You can change or correct your account information at the hands of the sun by setting up the account.


You will also be able to delete certain information that is publicly visible through the services, such as your name. In the same way you can request the deletion of personal information of your account.


Dependent on your place of residence, you may also enjoy certain additional rights with respect to your information, such as: (I) access to and portability of data (including the right to obtain a copy of the personal data you provided At Manos del Sol, from the configuration section); (II) Correction of the data (including the possibility of updating your personal data, in many cases, from the configuration section); (III) deletion of data (including the right to Manos del Sol, delete your personal information, except the information we are obliged to retain, contact us) and (IV) revoke consent or oppose prosecution ( including, in limited circumstances, the right to ask at the hands of the sun, to stop processing your personal data, with some exceptions, by contacting us.


We use cookies that are not technically necessary and similar technologies.


You will also be able to control the reception of certain types of communications at the hands of the sun, in the configuration of your account. Manos del Sol can send messages about the services or your activity. Some of these messages are required for service-related members (such as transaction messages or legal notices). Other messages, such as newsletters, are not mandatory. You can change your account settings to control what optional messages you want to receive, and get more information in the "Manos del Sol Newsletter" section of this policy.


We partner with third parties to manage our advertising on other sites. Our third-party partners could use cookies or similar technologies to offer advertising based on their browsing and interest activities. If you have chosen to connect your account to an external third party application, such as Facebook, or an application developed using the hands of the Sun API, you can change the settings and delete the permission for the application by modifying the configuration of Your account.


If you no longer want to use the services or receive service-related messages (except the legally required notices), you can close your account.


Many of the changes you make to your account settings are updated immediately, but some may require the user to verify their identity before they can be processed.


4.  Communication with Manos del Sol.


Sometimes, hands of the sun will need to communicate with you. The primary means of communication is e-mail or push notifications. Reasons include marketing, transaction, and service-upgrade purposes. If you no longer want to receive push notifications, you can disable them on the device. You can unsubscribe from marketing communications via email in your account settings or from the subscription cancellation link for any marketing messages you receive.


To ensure that you receive notifications correctly, we will need to collect certain information about your device, such as the operating system and user identification information. Each account must have a valid email address, registered to receive the messages. Hands of the sun will be able to communicate with you via telephone to provide assistance or for reasons related to transactions, in case you choose to call you.


In the same way, Manos del Sol, you will be able to send you an SMS message (or similar) in order to help you or to provide information about the products and the functions that may be of interest to you. You could update your contact preferences in the account settings.


Some messages from Manos del Sol are related to services and contain important information for registered members and non-invited members. You agree that hands of the sun may send you emails or non-marketing messages, such as transactions related, your account, security or product changes.


As examples of services-related messages sent, it may be the confirmation email of the email address or welcome email when registering your account, notifying an order, availability of the service, Modification of the most representative functions, the retransmission of the conversations with the buyers and the correspondence with the support team of Manos del Sol.


Confirm and agree (in some jurisdictions and situations, by further unequivocal consent) to receive emails and marketing messages from Manos del Sol when you register an account, subscribe to a newsletter or proportions your number Phone, your email address, for example, in a paid purchase as a guest. You can cancel your subscription at any time, from the marketing emails using the download link that is included in those emails or messages.  Members can also control what emails or marketing messages they receive from the account settings. Keep in mind that some of the changes you make to the configuration may take a few days to apply.


Recipients of email invitations may opt out of receiving future invitations through the instructions in the e-mail invitation message. You can only send the invitation to those who have given their consent to receive it.


5.  Network of producers and community of users.


Manos del Sol is a market and a community. We offer several functions that allow members to connect and communicate in public or semi-public spaces, such as forums or groups. It is no obligation to use these functions, however, if you do, use common sense and your good judgment when you post in these community spaces or share your information with other members.


Please note that any personal information you decide to send may be read, collected or used by others or may be used to send you unsolicited messages. We can work with third parties to help provide you with community services and, in the context of that relationship and in order to offer these services, we need to share some of your data with those third parties. In general, Manos del Sol does not remove content from community spaces, and your publications may remain public after you close your account, although the name will no longer be displayed in the publication. You are responsible for the personal information you decide to publish in the community spaces through the services.


Another member will be able to follow your public activity on the site to receive updates, such as when you add an item to your public favorites. You can opt for certain activities to be private by setting up your account. You have the option to block any member you don't want to share your updates with.


6.  Uses of information.


When you access or use the services, we collect, use, share and process your personal information as described in this policy in other ways. We use different legal bases to use your information in these ways. These include whether:


-It is necessary to carry out the contractual obligations of our conditions of use, and to provide the services to you.

-You have given your consent to process the information, consent you can revoke at any time.

-It is necessary to satisfy a legal obligation, a court order or to exercise or to defend a judicial action.

-It is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests or those of a third party, such as those of the visitors, members or partners.

-You have made the information public in an express way.

-It is necessary for the public interest.

-It is occasionally necessary to protect your fundamental interests or those of others.


Keep in mind that we depend on your consent, especially (I) to send marketing messages; (II) to share data with advertising-related third parties; And, as far as applicable, (III) to use location data for advertising purposes.


We rely on the consent to send you online and offline marketing, including tools such as Facebook custom hearings and Google Customer Match. Similarly, we or our producer members will be able to advertise our services or the products of our producer members through different means, and rely on your consent to do so off-site. As part of this, we will be able to work with advertising partners like Facebook, Google and other partners that we indicate in our policy of cookies and similar technologies.


In cases where we process your information to use it with legitimate interests, we do this as follows:


Provide and improve our services: We can use your information to improve and personalize our services, including sharing your information for those purposes. This is necessary to get our legitimate interests to improve our services for our users. It is also necessary so that we can reach our legitimate interests in understanding how our services are being used and explore and find new ways to develop our business and make it grow. You also need to allow us to pursue our legitimate interests to improve our services, our efficiency, our interest in user services and to obtain information on patterns of use of our services.


Keep Our services safe: We may also use your information for security purposes, including sharing your information for such purposes. We do this because it is necessary to pursue our legitimate interests in ensuring the security of our services. This includes the protection of our community against spam, harassment, intellectual property infringements, crime and security risks of all kinds.


We respect your privacy: Manos del Sol will not disclose your name, email address or other personal information to third parties without your consent, except as specified in this policy.


We use your information to provide and improve services and our products, for billing and payments, for identification and authentication, and for general research purposes and to generate aggregate reports. For example, in accordance with our current case resolution process, we may use the information you indicate to resolve disputes with Manos del Sol or other members. For example, we can learn about the types of products you are interested in from your browsing and purchasing behavior on and off the site or applications, and suggest buying potentials as a result. As a core part of our services, we have a legitimate interest in customizing your on-site experience and helping you discover relevant items and recommended purchases, including using this information to help vendors find the better ways to promote and sell your products in Manos del Sol.


You can control your privacy settings using the subscription buttons that you will find in the Privacy tab of the account settings. Note that some changes to the privacy settings may take a few days to apply. Similarly, we or our vendors through different means, and rely on your consent to make it off-site. As part of this, we will be able to work with advertising partners like Facebook or Google, and we will be able to use aggregated analysis of the usage information. This includes, for example, search keywords, bookmarks, search history, and purchase history. In addition to the prior consent, we also have the legitimate interest to send you marketing messages and for the Manos del Sol advertising programs.


Buying and selling: As part of the buying and selling process, Manos del Sol will facilitate the exchange of information between the two members participating in the transaction, such as the shipping address and the payment information of the other member of the Sun's hands. When you make a sale or a purchase in the hands of the sun, you tell us that we have to share your information in this way. Being an important part of the services we provide, we have the obligation to do so to implement our obligations under our terms of use. We hope you will respect the privacy of the member whose information you have received. You have a limited license to use that information only in communications related to Manos del Sol or for transactions facilitated by Manos del Sol.


Manos del Sol has not been granted a license to use that information in unauthorized transactions or to send unsolicited commercial messages in violation of applicable law, including the consent requirements of the jurisdiction of the Recipient. You can only add a member to the email or physical mail list, or otherwise use or save the member's personal information, in accordance with applicable laws, including any consent requirements that apply to the jurisdiction of that member.


Legal information and security: Manos del Sol may also retain, preserve, or publish your personal information to a third party under the following limited circumstances: In response to legal requests made by public authorities, including the Compliance with legitimate law enforcement and national security requests; To protect, establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal lawsuits, including the collection of debts, in accordance with a subpoena, court order, legal process or other legal requirement; Or when we believe, in good faith, that such disclosure is necessary to comply with the law, to prevent imminent physical damage or financial loss; or investigate, prevent or undertake actions related to illegal activities, suspicion of fraud, threats to our property or violations of the conditions of use of Manos del Sol. In such cases, we may have to use your information for the purposes of our legitimate or third-party interests, to maintain the security of our services, to avoid damage or crime, to enforce or defend legal rights, or to avoid damage. Such use may also be necessary to comply with a legal obligation, a court order, or to exercise or defend legal claims. It may also be necessary by public interest (to avoid crimes) or to protect your vital interests (in specific cases where we have to share information to avoid death or injury).


In the event that Manos del Sol receive a legitimate and verified request from the records or information of a member in one of the limited circumstances described in the preceding paragraph, Manos del Sol may disclose personal information, which might include, but not Limited to, a member's name, address, phone number, email address, and company name.


Affiliated companies: Manos del Sol is affiliated to various companies and works closely with them for different purposes, including assisting in carrying out and improving services. With your consent, these companies will be able to offer you promotions (including promotions by email) or sell you items or services through the services. Manos del Sol will also be able to offer services or sell products jointly with affiliated companies, including providing information to such partners to allow them to send you more effective promotions. When an affiliated business helps you facilitate your transaction, we may have to share information linked to the transaction with that affiliated business to facilitate the transaction. This is part of the services we provide according to our terms of use. We depend on your consent (which you can revoke at any time) to send marketing messages and to share data with third parties related to advertising.


Added information: Manos del Sol, will be able to share demographic information with trading partners, but it will always be added and anonymous, so personal information is never revealed.


Service providers: Manos del Sol also need to hire third parties, companies and individuals (such as payment processors, research companies, and security and Analysis service providers) to help us operate, provide and Marketing services. These third parties have limited access to your information, can use it only to carry out these tasks on our behalf and are obliged by Manos del Sol not to disclose or use the information for other purposes. We will often have to hire outside vendors to provide you with services, especially when these companies have an important role as processing of payments and shipments, and help us maintain our operating and safe service . External vendors are not strictly necessary, however, they help us to improve our services.


Business modification: Manos del Sol can buy or sell assets. Such transactions may be necessary and serve our legitimate interests, precisely those relating to making decisions that allow our business to grow in the long term. In this type of transaction (such as a sale, merger, settlement, suspension of payment or transfer of all or substantially all the assets of the hands of the Sun), the information of the members is normally one of the assets that the company transfers. If hands of the sun intended to transfer information about you, you will be notified by email or a prominent notice will be placed on the site, and you will be given the opportunity to waive it before your information is submitted to a different privacy policy.


Third parties: Third party complements may also collect information about your use of the site. For example, when you upload a Manos del Sol page that has a social add-on to a third-party site or service, such as the "like" or "Send" button, the content is also loaded from that third-party site. This site will be able to request cookies directly from your browser. In addition, some third parties use certain cookies and other similar technologies from the site for online marketing and other purposes. These technologies allow a user to recognize your computer or mobile device every time you use the services. Please note that when you use third-party sites or services, your own conditions and privacy policies will govern your use of such sites or services. Manos del Sol chooses and manages these third-party technologies found on their sites. However, these technologies belong to third parties and are subject to their own privacy policies.


We can only speak for ourselves; This policy does not apply to third-party practices (like other members who sell using API services or users) that Manos del Sol does not possess or control, individuals who are not employed by Manos del Sol, or whose Manos del Sol does not control. If you provide your information to third parties related to the use you make of the services, different practices may be applied to the use or dissemination of the information provided to you. While Manos del Sol require that these third parties follow the privacy and safety requirements of the Manos del Sol, Manos del Sol does not control the privacy or security policies of such third parties. To the extent applicable in your jurisdiction, Manos del Sol Sun is not responsible for the privacy or security practices of vendors, API users or other Web sites on the Internet, including those linked to or from the services. We recommend that you read the privacy policies and ask for the third parties before you disclose your personal information. To comply with European law, these vendors and API users are independent data controllers. This means that they are responsible for providing their own policies related to any personal information they obtain related to the services, and to comply with them.


7. Transfers.


Manos del Sol operates as an international service. If you live outside of North America or South America, it will be Manos del Sol of Mexico, who controls your personal information. By using our services, you understand that hands of the sun may share with the hands of the sun or other members of the Sun's hands part of the data collected for the purposes described in this privacy policy, including verification of identity, reviews of the Transactions and processing of payments.


The laws governing the United States, the Member States of the European Economic Area ("EEA ") and other countries are different. When your data is transferred from your country of origin to another country, the laws and regulations that protect your personal information in the country to which the information is transfer may differ from those of the country in which you live.


To the extent that Manos del Sol have to transfer personal information outside Mexico, we are based separately, alternatively and independently on the following legal basis to transfer your information:


Model clauses


The European Commission has adopted standard data protection clauses (also known as "model clauses ") that provide safeguards for personal information that is transferred outside of Europe. We usually use model clauses when it comes to transferring personal information outside of Europe.


Protective Shield of intimacy


Manos del Sol of Mexico, does not participate in the protective shield of intimacy at this time. However, Manos del Sol could use the protective shield of EU-US privacy to transfer personal information to some of our third-party service providers in the United States, where they are certified to receive such Information according to the Protection Shield program of intimacy.


Manos del Sol provides a voluntary service; You can choose whether or not you want to use the services. However, if you want to use the services, you will have to accept our terms of use, which exposes the contract between the hands of the sun and its members. Since we operate in countries around the world (including the United States) and use a technical infrastructure in the United States to offer services, in accordance with our contract, we need to transfer your personal data to the U.S. and other Jurisdictions as needed to provide the services. In other words, we cannot provide you with services or carry out our contract without transferring your information internationally.


8.  Safety.


The security of your personal information is important to us. We follow the industry's generally accepted standards to protect the personal information that is provided to us, both during transmission and after receipt. Your sun's hands account information is protected by a password. It is important that you carefully choose your password to protect against unauthorized access to your account information and to keep your password and computer secure through practices such as logging out after using the services.


Manos del Sol figure certain information (such as credit card numbers) using Secure socket Layer (SSL) layer technology. Hands of the Sun observes the industry's generally accepted standards to protect the personal information sent to us, during transmission and once it is received. Unfortunately, no Internet transmission method or electronic storage method is secure at 100%. Therefore, while we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee your absolute security. Manos del Sol offers its users advanced security configurations and functions, such as two-step verification to log on, site-wide SSL, logon history, and notifications; You can see more information in the account settings.


9. Preservation.


Manos del Sol will retain your information only for as long as is necessary for the purposes set forth in this policy, for as long as your account is active, as described in this policy or as required to provide you with services. You can close your account if at any time you want Manos del Sol does not reuse your information to lend services. We will retain and use your information to the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, enforce our agreements and any other obligation described in this policy. In addition, hand-of-the-sun vendors may also have the obligation to retain your information and use it to fulfill their legal obligations. Please note that closing your account will not release your email address, user name, or store name (if any) to reuse them in a new account. We also keep log files for internal analysis purposes. These log files are generally retained for a short period, except in cases where they are used for site security or to improve the functionality of the site, or if we have the legal obligation to keep them for long periods.


10.  User rights.


The users are protected in certain rights with respect to the information that we process. Some rights apply only in certain limited cases, depending on where you reside. If you want to manage, change, limit or delete your personal information, you can do it by setting up your account at the hands of the sun or by contacting us. Upon request, hands of the sun will confirm whether or not we hold your personal information.  From your account settings, you can access, correct, change and delete certain personal information associated with your account. In certain cases where we process your information, you will also have the right to restrict or limit our ways of using your personal information. Under certain circumstances, you will also have the right to request the deletion of your personal information and obtain a copy of your personal information in an easily accessible format.


If we process your information according to our legitimate interests as we have explained, or if they are in the public interest, you may object to this prosecution under certain circumstances. In such cases, we will stop processing your information unless we have legitimate compelling reasons to continue to processing or when necessary for legal reasons. If we use your data for direct marketing purposes, you can oppose it at any time by means of the link to cancel the subscription that is included in such communications or by changing the account settings. Note that some of the changes you make to your account settings may take a few days to apply.


11. User responsabilities.


If you sell with our services, you can receive certain personal information (such as when you communicate with users and start transactions with buyers) and determine how you are going to treat it. This means that you could process personal information (for example, buyer's name, email address and shipping address) and that, to the extent that you do, you are a separate data controller.


You are responsible for protecting personal information that you receive or process, and to comply with all applicable legal requirements when using the services. This includes the applicable privacy and data protection laws that govern the use you can make of a user's information. Such laws may require you to publish your own privacy policy, to which the members of Manos del Sol with whom you interact must have access, and comply with it. In addition, this must be compatible with this policy and with the conditions of use of Manos del Sol.


As a data controller, to the extent that you process personal information from the user outside of the services, you may be subject to data protection and privacy laws to respond to requests for access to data, portability, correction, Elimination and opposition to its prosecution. In addition, if you disclose personal information from a buyer without your consent, you will be responsible for an unauthorized disclosure. This includes, for example, disclosures or violations of unintended data. For example, you may receive a buyer's email address or other information as a result of a transaction with that buyer. This information can only be used for communications related to Manos del Sol or for transactions facilitated by Manos del Sol. You cannot use this information to send unsolicited commercial messages or to carry out unauthorized transactions. You may not add any member of Manos del Sol to your mailing list or postal mail, use the buyer's identity for marketing purposes or obtain or retain any payment information without the buyer's consent, and subject to other policies and laws Applicable. Keep in mind that you are responsible for knowing the required consent standard in any given circumstance.


Yes, however, Manos del Sol and you are considered data controllers of personal information, and if Manos del Sol is sued, fined or incurred in any other way in expenses due to an action of yours in the capacity of data controller of the personal information Of the purchaser, you accept indemnify Manos del Sol for the expenses incurred in connection with your processing of the buyer's personal information.


12. Cancellation of consent.


You can revoke your consent to process your information and your use of the services at any time by closing your account permanently and remove it through the Privacy tab of the account settings. If your account has no outstanding issues, such as unpaid bills, unprocessed orders, unresolved cases, or policy violations, you will receive an email with instructions to confirm your deletion request. This process could take up to about two weeks. After that time, your account will be eliminated as far as it is allowed. Depending on the services you have used (as if you have made purchases or sales in Manos del Sol), we may have the obligation to retain certain information for legal, regulatory, fiscal, security or compliance reasons for a limited period. After that period, the information will be deleted. This deletion is permanent and your account cannot be restored.


13. Changes in privacy policy.


We will be able to correct or update this policy from time to time. If we believe that the changes are significant, we will inform you by one (or more) of the following methods: (1) Posting of the changes in the services or through these; (2) by sending you an email or a message about the changes; or (3) posting an update in the release notes on the application platform. We encourage you to take a look from time to time to see if there are any updates.


 14.  Contact.


If you have any questions contact Manos del Sol Assistance team at:


The central address is as follows:


214 Brisas, 41th Street

between 18th and 26th Street

Mérida, Yucatán

Z.P. 97144.


Contact telephone number are as follows:


Line No. 1: + (52) (999) 1619394


15.  Last Update date.


March 03, 2020