Shipping information

Means of shipping.

 Manos del Sol used the platform of which can give timely follow-up to each shipment reported in our Marketplace.

Different companies of packages used are FedEx, Estafeta, Redpack and UPS, depending on which one has the optimum coverage, fair price and delivery time correct, for different municipalities throughout Mexico.

Each and every one of the shipments are insured proportionally to the value of the product purchased by customers, so we guarantee deliveries on time, with a wide coverage of 2,464 municipalities that make up the Mexican Republic.

 For the moment, we are only doing international shipping to United States and Canada via FedEx.


Delivery times and shipping costs.


We offer two different types of delivery, depending on the place of destination for products:

1.    Normal 3-7 working days delivery time within the Mexican Republic with a total cost of $100 pesos MXN ($6 USD / €5 EUR).

Note of point No. 1: In the event that your purchase was equal or greater than $1000 pesos MXN ($48 USD / €40 EUR) the cost of shipping will be free to any part of the Mexican Republic.

2.    Time of international delivery to United States and Canada in 7 to 10 working days via FedEx International Economy® with a total cost of $3,200 pesos MXN ($188.22 USD / €168.42 EUR)

At the moment we do not handle Express delivery in 1 to 2 business days, since each of the artisan producers are in expanded coverage areas that make it difficult to pickup in one period less than 24 hrs. In the short term we hope to offer Express service.

The delivery time begins to spend 24 hours after confirming the payment.


Shipping process.


1.     Once the payment is confirmed, we proceed to notify producers for packaging the purchased product and request pickup of items within a maximum of 24 hours.


2.    Collection varies according to the company which currently can cover the area of origin and destination, by sending the Guide number to us and to the producer to be able register the collection. The platform, notifies customer via an email that your order has been raised and is in the process of shipping.

3.    For all orders that are registered after 4:00 pm hour of the center of the city of Mexico (Central Standard Time Zone (CST), the delivery period starts officially to the next day

4.    If the payment of your purchase is confirmed on Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the time of delivery of shall run from the next business day of the confirmation of your payme

5.    Register of shipping schedule is Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Saturday, Sunday or holidays are non-working days


6.    We will give you a continuous and strict monitoring to your shipment, however, if you wish, you can provide the service guide number so you can track your order on the website of the parcel company.



If you have any questions about shipping or want more information about the tracking of your order, you can contact us through the following means:




(999) 161 93 94


Frequent questions.

"I have not received my package and has passed the period of delivery what can I do?"

Response: In the case of this happening, we ask that you contact us, the channels of communication that we present in the contact section.


"What happens if I am not present at the address indicated for the delivery?"

Response: Any person of legal age with ID, can receive the order without any problem. Anyway, the delivery service would communicate with you via telephone, to the number that you provided in your registration of purchase, to confirm the scheduled delivery.


"What with my order if there is no one at the address of delivery?"

Response: The parcel service would communicate with you by telephone at the number you provided in your registration of purchase to coordinate the delivery at another date and time that suits your needs. Where this does not happen, the conveyor can be up to three visits to the address of delivery and if not you can contact you by phone or by e-mail, the package is returned to the nearest company of parcel that has your order, where you can pick it up personally presenting official identification.


"Can I buy in Manos del Sol website and pick it up at any store?"

Response: Manos del Sol, e-commerce platform, currently does not have physical stores and all purchases that are made through it, generate orders that will be sent to the address in the destination indicated by the customer (Mexico, United States and Canada).


"Can I change the delivery address, once placed the order?

Response: As noted in the section on "Delivery times and shipping costs", all orders are scheduled 24 hrs., after confirming the payment, so you need this time to be able to communicate with us and change the delivery address. Passed this time, will no longer be possible, since it generates an order and guide number which is not editable, since the processes of collection and shipping are already underway.




You should very well check the packaging and ensure they are in perfect condition along with the carrier before signing Guide. In case of evidence of a fault in the packaging does not receive the product or sign the Guide, if firms without checking you will lose the right to complain.

 To make the claim valid you must retain the original packaging, accessories and manuals; In addition to not show use.

If you buy large items and your residence is in a building, the delivery will be made at your apartment door provided access by elevator. Where the building does not have elevator, the delivery of the product, will be held in the first floor or ground floor.


            Please note that you should contact the telephone numbers indicated in the contact section, within 24 hours of delivery, where it must provide full and clear information, the moderator asked the packaging and product photographic evidence where you will have a maximum of 7 calendar days to submit photographs; otherwise the claim will not be accepted.